DapperDutchDude is a collector based between France and the Netherlands who takes pride in collecting watches based on his personal interest and NOT because of hype.

– What is your name and/or the alias you would like to go by?

Dapperdutchdude but since IG doesn’t like my honest opinion, @watchonthewrist and I started @indepthluxe.


– What country are you based in?

France and the Netherlands.


– As a collector, what do you like to collect and what started your collection


I like to collect memories and experiences, which are found mostly with independent watchmakers.

– Could you further explain why you collect?

Maybe two years ago my philosophy on collecting changed dramatically, it went from being about product to being about the people. The traveling, the people and of course the watches are all amazing. I have made some friends for life and created amazing memories along the way.


– Have you ever considered collecting something else other than what you already collect?

Great question, at some point I would love to get into art collecting. I probably got inspired during my visits to the MAD Gallery. Time will tell. I’m not chasing art collecting, it will come on my path someday, somehow.

– Would you care to share any not-so-great collecting experiences?

It’s interesting, especially with independent brands because outing them would mean a direct hit to the owner and founders of the companies. Even though some experiences might have been bad I would not like to call names.

But I acquired a piece from a 2019 GPHG winner in 2018 which was a very bad experience. The watch was fine but after wearing the watch for about one week one of the straps broke, which was made by a acknowledged French strap maker. I emailed the customer service directly, who told me I could ‘take a hike’ basically….

I couldn’t wear the watch anymore because whenever I looked at it I was reminded of the customer service experience.



– As a collector, who would you say inspires you and why?

The entire crew of our GTG’s, all inspiring individuals but especially @watchonthewrist, he buys whatever he likes and doesn’t follow the hype. Recently he considered buying a Franck Muller Crazy Hours, to me, that’s a very bold move knowing the public opinion about Franck Muller. He doesn’t care, a true collector buys whatever he likes and that’s what he represents to me, a true collector!



– What’s your opinion on reselling items you have bought for your personal collection?

It all depends on your situation, imagine needing the money to reinvest to create a better life for your family, I would be all for it. If you buy hyped steel sports watches at retail to make money of it, thats a different story. You are not buying out of love for the craftsmanship.





– As a collector, have you inspired or convinced others to also start collecting?

Since I have just turned 32 I don’t have many friends around me who are into watches. But I feel like tides are shifting, some are asking me for advice right now and wanting to go watch shopping together. I also try to bring them along to different event and GTG’s (get togethers).



– And our final questions will be, will you ever stop collecting?

No, I won’t. I already stopped hoarding. Quality over quantity!



Instagram: @DapperDutchDude




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