Who We Are

1 of 1 World is an effective platform designed to bring together genuine collectors and luxury brands from around the world.

We have managed to forge great relationships allowing us to be extremely creative in translating information from brands to high profile collectors and vice-versa.

What We Do

Partner with specialist brands to exclusively spotlight/ feature their unique products through our online platform and events.


We Do This Through:

Advertising ‘1/1’ products to our high net-worth members/subscribers.
Interviews & features of high profile individuals sharing their favourite items and trends.
Blog commentary of new and emerging ‘exclusive’ trends.
Hosting live exhibitions around the world to showcase key brands and their unique line of products to our carefully targeted members.


Why We Do It

1o1w is formed to celebrate the importance of creating and/or owning an item which ONLY one person or a limited number of people will or currently own.


Who We Serve

Embracing the specialist ‘1of1 culture’ of our brand partners, our online collection of tailored items are showcased to collectors, connoisseurs, enthusiasts and aficionados around the world.