ThePatekGuy is a young collector from Jakarta, Indonesia but currently studies in Melbourne, Australia. He gives us his point views on collecting exclsuvie timepieces and what his reasons are.

– What is your name and/or the alias you would like to go by?

My name is Patrick A.

I go by the alias @thepatekguy


– What country are you based in?

I’m based in Jakarta, Indonesia. But I’m currently studying in Melbourne.

– As a collector, what do you like to collect and what started your collection?

I started collecting around 6 years ago at the age of 12 when I was given a vintage Rolex Pepsi GMT by my parents and ever since then I couldn’t stop collecting.

My taste in watches has changed a lot since I started collecting. In the beginning I started collecting Rolexes, but as I got more into the hobby I started to venture out and collect from other brands such as AP and Patek. Now, as it is obvious from my username my favorite watches are from Patek.

– Could you further explain why you collect?

There are so many reasons why I collect watches, but I’ll break it down to the following three:

  1. It is just impossible to not appreciate the craftsmanship behind each watch, especially knowing that there are hundreds of decorated (i.e. anglage, Côtes de Genève, perlage, etc.) gears and springs working together in such a small object simply to tell the time.
  2. There is a story behind each watch, whether it’s how you obtained it, the experiences you’ve had with it, or whether it’s a gift from someone special. Each watch has its own story and has an emotional bond with its owner.
  3. While I do not purchase watches for their investment value, nor do I plan on selling any of my watches. It does feel good to know that the watches I own either maintain or increase in value. Thus, making this rather expensive hobby seem more reasonable.


– Have you ever considered collecting something else other than what you already collect?

Yes, definitely! I’ve always wanted to start collecting vintage Patek, albeit my lack of knowledge regarding them has hindered me from collecting them.


I have also recently started collecting bespoke artwork of my watches which I commission from my good friend Alex Eisenzammer (@watchoniste).



– Would you care to share any not-so-great collecting experiences?

So far, I haven’t had any notable bad experiences with watch collecting. However, I do have some pieces which I regret buying and ended up never using.

– As a collector, who would you say inspires you and why?

A lot of people have inspired me, mainly other collectors. What inspires me the most is the immense passion and knowledge that people have for watches. This drives me to learn about watches more comprehensively.

 A few collectors who have really inspired me are the following: horology_ancienne, Horoloupe, John Mayer, Mr_ting_ting_ting and many more on Instagram.

– What’s your opinion on reselling items you have bought for your personal collection?

Personally, I have never sold any of my watches.

I don’t see any problem with reselling watches. However, it’s very unfortunate how the current trend of reselling has made it impossible for customers to purchase some watches from authorised dealers without bundling or a waiting list. I believe that this has become a barrier of entry for many people who are interested in starting on watch collecting.

– As a collector, have you inspired or convinced others to also start collecting?

Yes, I have definitely convinced a lot of my friends to start collecting watches through sharing my passion for watches.


– And our final questions will be, will you ever stop collecting?

Not in the foreseeable future, I think that anyone who has started collecting can call it a sort of disease.


With every new watch purchase I’m always researching for what watch to buy next.

 Watch collecting has also become a huge part of my life and I have really enjoyed making new friends who share the same passion with me through this hobby.



Instagram: @ThePatekGuy




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