PBLuxury is a collector based in Australia and often finds himself travelling between Asia and the Middle East. He shares with us his honest take on collecting.

– What is your name and/or the alias you would like to go by?



– What country are you based in?

Based in Melbourne Australia, but travel a bit, mostly between Asia and the Middle East


– As a collector, what do you like to collect and what started your collection

I love collecting hard to get pieces and not overly produced ones. I’m more of a sport model in general so I’m very casual.

My first one was a Breitling B1 when I lived in California around 98.

– Could you further explain why you collect?

First its the craftsmanship – the design. The comfort on your wrist and the point of difference.


– Have you ever considered collecting something else other than what you already collect?

I tried a vintage Rolex with a stunning fuchsia basel 1680 that I bought from a reputable seller in Hong Kong, 2 years ago. It’s such a minefield and there seems to be a notion that everybody has a strong opinion and everyone knows better about vintage Rolex then everyone else. For that reason, I stepped back from vintage Rolex’s(VR), as I prefer newer models.

If I do manage to get one owner of a VR or vintage AP, full set and untouched from someone I know, then I will l definitely give is a another opportunity, as it would have much more of a meaning.


– Would you care to share any not-so-great collecting experiences?

Beside the greed of some grey dealer trying to rip you off, and someone pretending to be a friend using your name to try to get a timepiece! Beside these two issues, I don’t have any not so great experiences 😉


– As a collector, who would you say inspires you and why?

We are of course inspired and influenced by friends and others on social media accounts around the world.

Through my last decade I’d say some of my mentor are Dubai Watch Club, Mr Ping and local watch friends are the one who have inspired me the most.


– What’s your opinion on reselling items you have bought for your personal collection?

Personally, I’ve sold some pieces that I bought second hand, so no issue there. I had to sell new pieces due to some business difficulties that were not planned but that’s life!

Lucky, I had a second chance and I feel fortunate and sincerely grateful.

– As a collector, have you inspired or convinced others to also start collecting?

I am guilty of this, yes because I am genuinely passionate about it and respect the craftsmanship of it.


– And our final questions will be, will you ever stop collecting?

I don’t think I can, but things change in your life and other priorities comes along.

I’ve been sure of certain things and life direction changes at any point, so I am more a person that live as it comes and I feel fortunate to live one day to the next with my loved ones, my friends and people I care about.

Sometimes we can touch other people’s lives and we do not realise it. It also goes both ways.



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