Miles, also known as Best.Of.Time is a UK collector of exceptional pieces. His collection ranges from vintages piece such as Paul Newman to modern day Patek Philippe complications. Miles shares with us his opinion on collecting with excellent advice.

– What is your name and/or the alias you would like to go by?



– What country are you based in?

United Kingdom (UK)

– As a collector, what do you like to collect and what started your collection?

I started collecting watches when I was just 8 years old which is 40 years ago. I bought my first Rolex at the age of 16 after working all my holidays as a student. I started with new Rolex at that time but my passion soon turned to the vintage Rolex world. This was the main drive of my collection for over 20 years until I discovered the world of Patek Philippe. For me it has always been the complications which drove my passion and the Daytona being my favourite Rolex. I have been very fortunate to own all that I have and feel very lucky to have been able to say I have owned everything I have wanted to. My birth year watch is a Rolex 6263 from 1971 and is to this day one of my all-time favourite watches.

– Could you further explain why you collect?

I collect watches because I am truly captivated by their design and mechanical brilliance. I would be a liar if I said their investment upside has not been a factor. I think of all my watches as pieces of art with some being more atheistically pleasing than others. I have tried to be very strict in what I collect and have tried to create a very varied collection which does not have multiple references and I have always only bought what pleases my eye.


– Have you ever considered collecting something else other than what you already collect?

Not really as my time outside my family and work is limited so I would not have the time to devote to collect something else as well as watches.



– Would you care to share any not-so-great collecting experiences?

I have only ever had a bad experience with the odd watch dealer but it has been very few and far between over the 40 years. My pet hate in this modern world of IG and social media is that people can think that they are experts and can very quickly appear to be so especially if they have generous family’s or trust funds which allow them to buy almost anything they desire. They are very good at asking questions and then posting the knowledge as if it is their very own thoughts or experience. I preferred the good old days when the only experience one could gain was from touching and seeing in the flesh and not on a screen. There is no substitute for real life experience which takes many years.

– As a collector, who would you say inspires you and why?

I do not really get inspired by any individuals other than the odd ‘old school’ collector as the new breed of collectors’ only need deep pockets. I have always only bought watches that I like and that please me not ones that please others. To this end I will never have certain watches in my collection.

– What’s your opinion on reselling items you have bought for your personal collection?

I have sold very little over the years but the ones I have will only be sold to finance another purchase and not because I fall out of love with the watch. This is the reason I only buy what I love so that they don’t become unworn or unloved.

– As a collector, have you inspired or convinced others to also start collecting?

Yes, many over the years. I have always derived a great deal of pleasure from helping others and I am glad to say I have been responsible for starting a few collections, some of which have turned out to be great.

– And our final questions will be, will you ever stop collecting?

Not as long as I am breathing. Watch collecting is in my blood and has always been such a large part of my life. Even if I reduce my collection I think I will always have to have the FIX that all collectors understand on a fairly regular basis. For me the best part of being a watch collector has been the people I have met and friends made along the way. Meeting with likeminded people is always such a great experience for me and one that I hope to continue for the rest of my life and I hope to pass this passion and love for watches onto my sons.



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    Such a great interview, would love to see his watch collection.


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