Aaron Becsei was born in Budapest as the 3rd generation of a watchmaking dynasty. He grew up surrounded by watches. After secondary school he graduated from the Watchmakers program. In order to develop himself as a watchmaker and to get the necessary practical experiences he started to work on watch repairs with his father. To have a deeper engineering knowledge he went to the School of Technical Sciences of Budapest in the faculty of CAD/CAM design. Aaron Becsei’s graduation thesis paper on his Tourbillon watch was honored by the Chamber of Engineering in Budapest. He founded Bexei Watches Company to sell the vision and implementation of his horological universe as an independent watchmaker.

In 2003 he finished his first clock. While repairing and renovating he had to replace missing spare parts many times, calculate their sizes, design and finally make them. After a while he realized that if he can make any kind of spare part for the most complicated watches too, then maybe he also could create one by himself. So he decided to make the smallest pendulum clock in the World: the Miniature Double Pendule Zappler. This clock was fully his design and made by hand. As a young enthusiast he visited with his watchmaker father several European Watch and Clock Museums in Europe. Once in Vienna seeing the collection of Zappler clocks his father told the story about the watchmakers who wanted to create the smallest in the last century. So Aaron decided to “get in to this competition” and created the smallest pendulum clock in the World.

After finishing that extremely small clock he found his courage to start up with more difficult tourbillion table clocks. After one and a half years of work his first Tourbillon clock was finished. The Toubillon No1. table clock has a calendar, moon phase, wind up indicator, thermometer and a world time function. This clock has duplex tourbillion escapement and a unique engraved background making it unique and spectacular.

In 2009 Aaron Becsei was granted admission to the AHCI (Swiss Académie Horlogère Des Créateurs Indépendants) as a member.

The most complicated table clock he designed and manufactured is the Tourbillon No2. For this carriage clock Aaron Becsei created a chronometer tourbillon system and he developed a full perpetual calendar system: week days, date, months, leap year indication, moon phase. In addition it shows hours-minutes-seconds indications; thermometer; wind up indicator and world time. This timepiece is available for sale and it is showcased at the most executive luxury and watch shows providing a chance for everybody to see.

He became a worldwide known and recognized watchmaker when he created the PRIMUS, the world’s unique tri-axial tourbillion wristwatch with jewel bearings only (patented).

Aaron Becsei’s first wristwatch was completed in 2008 after two years of development. The Primus model contains a triple-axis tourbillon, an extremely complicated and unique movement. Only a handful of watchmakers have accomplished the triple-axis tourbillion in the history of watchmaking, most of them in the last decade or so.

Respecting traditional watchmaking he invented the three axis tourbillion movement without ball-bearings which is a unique solution at this size and level of complication: he replaced the modernly common ball bearings with jewel bearings (patented). He needed full six months to finalize the development on paper. Then he needed another year to get his system working. The most challenging element for him was the miniature size of the wristwatch movement. Then he invested a few more months in finishing the components, all of which were made by Becsei himself:  every parts including the case, crown and buckle. He also made all the miniature parts of the tourbillon system, in some phases using special watchmaker tools, machines and even microscopes. The case possesses a sapphire crystal window on the side of the tourbillion so that the beauty of this whirlwind can be admired from three sides.

This triple-action oscillating system is not only fascinating to watch, it makes for an ultra-precise rate no matter how the watch is positioned.

Due to the extremely high quality standards of Aaron Becsei’s workshop his unique and unmistakable timepieces are available in a very limited number.

The PRIMUS is limited to 9 pieces only.

Aaron Becsei’s newest development is a wristwatch collection: following the principle of creating only self designed and developed handmade timepieces the new Dignitas collection continues the concepts of providing limited, unique solutions for prestigious individuals.

The most classic creation of the Bexei Dignitas collection has been designed and developed by Aaron Becsei for private clients where the refined but fascinating visual experience and the quality of the finest watchmaking tradition are principals: the Dignitas Pure -as all timepieces from the Bexei workshop- has an in-house movement with the highest hand-finishing possible. Possessing this exclusive Bexei timepiece will make the owner feel like he wears a piece of art.

Following the essentials of the classic Dignitas Pure Aaron Becsei created an exclusive timepiece with an additional functional complication. The Dignitas Power Reserve retains the unusual elliptic applied dial which emerges an extraordinary appearance for the timepiece however a wind up indicator has been added at 12 o’clock.

As all creations of the Bexei Workshop the pieces of the Dignitas Collection consist of fully hand designed and developed parts at the finest quality finished to the highest standard. These models are available for order only.