Ladurée collaborates with Californian plant-based Chef Matthew Kenney on new Super Healthy Line

Ladurée, the 150-year-old luxury French pastry brand, and world-renowned classically trained, plant- based chef Matthew Kenney are partnering to create a healthier menu available exclusively from Ladurée. More than ever before we are aware of the importance of taking care of our overall health and wellness
– a healthy diet, regular exercise and a good night’s sleep are just a few of the measures that people are taking across the globe to improve their quality of life. Protecting our precious planet is equally important.

As the importance of wellness, living a healthy lifestyle and our impact on the planet grows, consumers are choosing to embrace more sustainable ways of living and changing to greener habits. One such way is the introduction of plant-based food; most plant-based consumers are not vegans but those who are actively choosing to reduce their meat and dairy intake.

Matthew Kenney and Ladurée chefs are working hard to create 100% savoury and sweet vegan dishes – inspired by the plant-based California approach. The Beverly Hills Ladurée Tea Salon will be fully taken over by Matthew and the menu will be dedicated to 100% vegan dishes: a first for the brand. The other Ladurée locations throughout the world will offer select vegan dishes in addition to the regular menu.

Three new vegan dishes devised by Matthew will be added to Ladurée’s menu globally from 25th September. The Super Healthy collection also includes four delicious macarons that incorporate superfoods and healthier ingredients. There is a lactose-free macaron made from almond milk and new eco-friendly recycled packaging. Laduree has created a vegan loaf cake and granola bars.

Ladurée CEO David Holder and Ladurée US President Elisabeth Holder have made health-conscious changes to their daily lives, so when Elisabeth Holder met acclaimed California-based vegan chef Matthew Kenney it was a natural progression for the French brand. “We are aware that Ladurée’s future needs to prepare and evolve for the next 150 years”, explains David Holder, “It is an exciting new approach for Ladurée, but we will remain close to Ladurée’s core values of taste, well-being, conviviality and art de Vivre”.

Matthew is one of the world’s first leading chefs at the forefront of the plant-based cuisine. He is an author of 12 books and a best-selling memoir, a culinary educator and CEO of Matthew Kenney Cuisine, a multifaceted company specialising in plant-based living.

For Ladurée, it is a truly global partnership – chefs from Ladurée Paris and Los Angeles are enthusiastically working together and learning from one other to create delectable savoury dishes to be enjoyed by foodies around the world.


Founded in 1862, at 16 rue Royale Paris, Ladurée was born at the height of Paris’s creative fervour. The Ladurée tea room quickly became one of the capitals most fashionable amongst the 19th-century high society. The macaron was invented at Ladurée in the mid-19th century by pâtissier Pierre Desfontaines, a younger cousin of Louis Ernest Ladurée. Desfontaines was the first to put a delicious ganache filling between two shells to make a macaron. Ladurée’s rich, sweet heritage later drew the attention of the Holder family group, which took over the business in 1993. Soon after, David Holder came up with the idea of the exquisite rose macaron – delicately flavoured and true to the French style; it has become a signature Ladurée creation.


Matthew Kenney, CEO of Matthew Kenney Cuisine (MKC) and a leader in the growing market of high-end plant-based cuisine, is a graduate of the French Culinary Institute. He was named one of America’s Best New Chefs by Food & Wine Magazine, received two rising star chef nominations from the James Beard Foundation and has authored 13 books. MKC is at the forefront of the plant-based culinary industry, with 17 restaurants currently operating in 10 countries throughout five continents, and 15 additional restaurants set to open in the coming year. MKC also offers a variety of other services, including catering and events, speaking engagements, consulting and chef placement, as well as licensing agreements with world-class brands such as the Four Seasons Hotel Group, Saks Fifth Avenue, Neiman Marcus and Ovolo Hotels among others.