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Westin Hotel Bagel —New York City

Ever thought a lunch in New York could cost you $1000? Well, seems like you have not given a thought to it. But, the most astonishing thing is that lunch includes a bagel. Yes! The most expensive bagel in the world is available at The Westin Hotel in New York City. This luxurious lunch is made of some of the finest ingredients, with obviously precious elements like gold in it. Needless to mention, but it is these little things which make this bagel a super food and also the most expensive one in the entire world.


This masterpiece is created by the executive chef Frank Tujague and he has left no stone unturned to make this beyond perfection. It is made with the finest ingredients taken from across the world and has surprising elements that will leave you spellbound after tasting it. Although, it would seem meaningless to spend your hard earned $1000 on just a bagel, while you can have many with that. But, this one is definitely worth a try because it is not less than a magic for people who have put all their efforts in making this. It is the iconic food when you are in New York, and now it has been elevated to even higher benchmark.


This is one of the most outrageous qualities of bagel that we have in the entire world. It is a shock for many people that merely a bagel costs you 1000 dollars, but as we said, no gain without pain. To taste the finest bagels in New York, you have to take risk. This is listed amongst one of the insanely expensive eats in the world along with not so average burger as well as the frittata. Is there anyone who would take the financial risk of eating this bagel? Sounds weird but only the lucky ones get it.


The best part about this bagel is its white truffle cream cheese which has Riesling jelly with goji berries infused in it. Also, this has eatable gold leaves to make it look more royale and grand. If you closely look at the white truffle, you will know why this bagel costs so much. Truffle is main highlight of this dish and also the second expensive in terms of weight. It is made with perfect quantities of ingredient and utmost care. The truffle is itself extracted in unbelievable ways. It grows only under the certain species of oak trees. Strange, isn’t it? Also, the truffle grows under the ground but still has an appealing smell because dogs and female pigs are always on a hunt for these varieties of truffles.


Goji berries are the largest source of beta carotene and have proved their healing power already. The gold leaf adds charm to the whole dish and makes it even more attractive. No matter how strange and costly the ingredients are, but you will always love to have this expensive bagel at least for once in lifetime.


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