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Momotaro Japanese Denim

Momotaro Japanese Denim

Momotaro Japanese Denim

Japanese Denim is ought to be the best in the market. When it comes to the term “Japanese Denim”, it is politically correct to refer to Okayama prefecture. Okayama is the mecca of Denim enthusiasts alike.  There are various brands that was born in Okayama. Now what makes the Momotaro Japanese Denim so special? It comes to the premium sourcing of raw materials, made-by-hand construction by an expert Japan artisans, a second to none quality control, and even, some pairs are often mildly washed with Sea water that is sourced within Seto Sea, which is known for having a one-of-a-kind pH balance that gives such character to the dyeing process in a pair of jeans.

Speaking of character, most of Japanese denims are raw and heavy. Meaning that the indigo only sits on the fabric, not heavily washed like other mass produced Jeans. Within time and wear by the user, the jeans would actually shows signs of patina in areas mostly in thighs and knees. The color of the jeans would actually fade to be lighter depending on the number of washes done by the owner. The weight itself ranging from 14 oz to 25 oz.

Momotaro, which is one of the pinnacle of Japanese denim brands, had made such articles over the years. In this case, I would give an honest review about the Momotaro 0701SP Vintage Label. Made from Zimbabwe cotton, absolutely the superlative variety for denim. The cotton is very short in supply, only one crop is produced per year and it’s picked by hand. In this very model, we could see that the piece has the special ordered hand painted arcuate on the back pocket. This very piece has been worn for 10 months, and it already shows subtle patina on the knees ( honeycomb fades) and the thighs ( whisker fades). The fabric weighs for 15.7 oz. The fit of this pair of jeans is straight tight, meaning that it is a slim-fit with a little tapering towards the knees. At first, it felt heavy and stiff, giving a sense of robustness and rigidity to the user. But after several times of wear, it becomes more comfortable. This luxurious denim is more than capable of withstanding everyday abuse. Pricing for the base model is US$ 250 and up to US$ 2000. Made by hand without compromise.

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