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Kakslauttanen Hotel – Saariselkä, Finland

One of the base instincts of the human race is to explore. We want to find places that are closer to the edge of our boundaries and see how other people live. The package vacation was supposed to be the start of a revolution in how we connected with the world. But it didn’t have that effect. It wasn’t until bespoke trips could be managed, that people could truly wonder in the amazing planet we live in. The buildings are an essential part of this connection with the rest of the world. Rather than slap up a faceless hotel which could house thousands, we look for buildings that fit perfectly into the landscape.

Kakslauttanen Hotel, Saariselkä, Finland is one such of these buildings. It is situated in the Finnish wastelands, where none but the hardy Sami tribe have ever lived. The conditions in this part of the world can be brutal. But the fact that it is a relatively untouched part of the globe makes it a major draw for tourists – in fairly small numbers still, though. The purity of the landscape is definitely one of the main attractions to the area. The air, water and snow are all clean – pretty much unpolluted by the modern society that consumes and throws away. The Sami have been the perfect protectors of this land. And to conserve it for future generations, the Kakslauttanen Hotel, Saariselkä, Finland is built with the land and people at its heart. It truly is a sight to wonder over.

Location, location, location

This well-worm phrase in real estate circles sums up Kakslauttanen Hotel, Saariselkä, Finland in three simple words. It is actually 250 kilometres North of the Arctic Circle, so you can imagine the conditions that the construction team faced when completing this project. The founder of the hotel was travelling back home from a fishing trip back in 1973, when he ran out of fuel. The place he stopped in was Kakslauttanen and he set up camp for the night. While sitting there in the wilderness where he had been forced to camp for the night, he felt as though this was a spiritual home for him. He looked around and thought immediately about planning his next trip back. He fell in love.

He set up camp there and over the years, this developed into a series of buildings and a small passing trade. But he really wanted to share this amazing location with the rest of the world. Over the years, this has developed and become an iconic hotel, known by millions. It is now an Arctic resort, making the most of the phenomenal gifts the surrounding area has to give. In the winter, the Northern Lights, Aurora Borealis, are a huge draw to this part of the world. The amazing display of dancing light appeals to our sense of wonder with the world around us. Maybe we can’t explain everything we see, but we connect to the planet around us. Being this high up on the face of the planet means that the summer brings the Midnight Sun. From days that only last a few hours at most in winter, the summer sun feels like it never sets.

Buildings of awe

There are many different types of buildings that are used as accommodation in the resort, including log chalets, a traditional Sami home and snow igloos, but it is the glass igloos that make this one of the most stunning and unusual buildings in the world. These give the occupants the opportunity to look at all of the natural wonders of this piece of planet without having to leave the comfort of their own bed! As well as all the outside activities, the ability to lay back and gaze at the Northern Lights or the Midnight Sun takes this experience to a whole new level. The Kakslauttanen Hotel, Saariselkä, Finland is amazing from start to finish.

Sensational views of the surrounding area are all part and parcel of the glass igloos. Made in the summer months, when the temperature is more conducive to construction work, these have been a mainstay of the site for a few years now. They are set into the ground and then most of what protrudes above ground level is thick glass. Perfect for staying warm, perfect for viewing the amazing Finnish landscape.

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