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The Zerouno is an Italdesign concept developed with special emphasis on lightweighting. The Torino based automotive design service company plans to build only five units of the Zerouno by the end of 2017, thus retaining the vehicle’s exclusive look and feel.

Right from the start of this project, the objective of the company was clear enough – to limit the final weight of the car as far as possible. This ensured exceptional performances by equally emphasising the carbon fibre and aluminium chassis and the powerful V10 5.2 naturally aspired engine.

Therefore, the car’s entire bodywork is made from carbon fibre. The same material is also generously used inside the cockpit; the state of the art in fibre layering technology, together with the skills of craftsmen during the finishing stages, combined to achieve a light weight – despite the car measuring 4847 mm in length and 1970 mm in width by 1204 mm in height.

The vehicle has a racing car performance with type-approval for normal roads. The front setting is inspired by the ultimate top-performance cars: single-seater racing cars. It must be said that the GTZero concept car has been a role model with the characteristic nose feature with its six-sided polygon. The company intends to use similar references in future projects as well. Together with the two side air intakes, it ensures the optimum flow of intake air.

Potential lift impacts caused by the admission of air through the focal opening at the centre, as featured by simulated aerodynamic tests in the virtual reality centre, were eliminated on account an aerodynamic solution named Y Duct.

The air enters the central intake, streams along a “Y-shaped” way and rises up out of the two gaps embedded in the upper half of the bonnet, thus producing downforce. This aerodynamic flow is augmented by the rear spoiler’s lower wings that increase the downforce. The spoilers with overlapping wings that characterise the lower portion of the vehicle’s plan at the front and the back alike are suspended and help make an extra aerodynamic load. The openings on the front and back wheel arches feature Zerouno’s somewhat aggressive looks as well as help disseminate hot air.

The lights use Full LED technology and also perform an aerodynamic function since they are floating systems mounted inside the front and rear wings.

Concerning the inside of the auto, it is at the same time fundamental yet exquisite, with regards to the outside: Carbon Fiber commands the general styling. Entry doors, dashboard and central tunnel are altogether made only with this material. The digital cockpit houses all the car’s primary controls. Three little screens amidst the dashboard, then again, control all air conditioning capacities. The dual-clutch 7 speed gearbox is controlled by exemplary paddles mounted behind the steering wheel.

In order to maximise the customisation of cars, Italdesign has also offered packages so that each of the car will be truly unique. Over and above finishing the bodywork with a colour specifically developed for the client, including full carbon look, Italdesign has also developed several optional packages involving the exterior and inside the cockpit. These include the Corsa and Pirelli P-Zero packages.

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