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The Oppenheimer Blue Diamond


The Oppenheimer Blue Diamond.

Smashing previous records, and exceeding estimates, The Oppenheimer Blue fetched an astonishing 56.8 Million Swiss Francs ($57.6 million) this week at the Christie’s auction in Geneva, obliterating the previous record set by The Blue Moon in November by almost $10 million. Bidders for The Oppenheimer Blue made sure they gave an outstanding performance by bidding hard against one another in order to acquire such a unique piece of memorabilia. 

Fancy coloured diamonds represent less than 0.1% of all diamonds mined each year. Blue diamonds are one of the rarest coloured diamonds, and because of their rarity, and magnificent colour, are one of the most valuable. The colour in coloured diamonds is interestingly enough often the result of an impurity present in the structure of the diamond. In blue diamonds, traces of boron, as well as nitrogen, are found, and this is what causes the beautiful blue colour.

The Oppenheim Blue is 14.62 carats, and was billed by Christies as the largest Vivid Blue ever put up for auction. The excitement the day before the auction as palpable….. Viewing and holding this magnificent one of a kind stone is the stuff a diamond lover’s dreams are made of, and a once in a lifetime opportunity! The wait was worth it, as you can see this from the images above.

The stone was named after the late Sir Phillip Oppenheim, a legacy in the diamond world after running De Beers operations for many years, who then gave this blue diamond as a gift to his wife. The rare blue diamond was previously appraised to sell for between $38-$45 million. The actual sale price beat that estimate by more than $10 million. The sale took place in Geneva, and the hammer came down after less than twenty-five minutes of tense bidding by anonymous investors, across three continents.

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