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Flintstones Inspired Home in Malibu

Unique properties really get the imagination going. When that unique property is also inspired by one of the most popular and well-loved TV shows of all time – Flintstones, then it becomes a place that average people and the media can’t get enough of. And when a property like this comes onto the market, having been previously owned by a celebrity, you know it is going to make news.

Dick Clark, the actor and TV personality had an unusual taste in homes. With the money he earned from his work, he commissioned a property that was perfectly placed in Malibu to view the lights of big city LA, the Pacific Ocean and the mountains, all from large windows that were part of the original design. Sitting in the middle of a 22-acre plot, the Dick Clark Flintstones home is like stepping into the TV show and living on a piece of history. Everything both inside and outside is made to look and feel just like the cartoon, so you get to feel like a kid all over again everywhere you look.

The structure is just the start

Look at the home from the outside, and it feels like you have stepped into your TV set. The attention to detail here is just remarkable, from the prehistoric-looking plants in the front garden to the way the stone is sculpted to look like it has been weathered over millions of years. Using cacti and ferns just gives that feel that the house is timeless.

When you step inside the property, this feeling continues at every glance. Gone are the kind of modern kitchens and bathrooms that you would expect to see in a property with a high price tag. No modern conveniences are missing, they are just cleverly disguised as stone-fronted kitchen cupboards, as you would expect to see in the TV show The Flintstones. There is a huge attention to detail, as materials that would have been found in prehistoric days are used throughout the home, to make it feel like it could have been from the stone age. These materials include –

  • Wood
  • Stone
  • Leather
  • Furs

And then all of this is interspersed with a use of glass that connects the interior of the home with the beauty of the outside world in this corner of the earth.

Space and light are the keys

You would think that with a building made from stone, and in places made from other materials made to look like stone, that there would be a coldness and darkness to the property. The cooling effect of stone is a great in the heat of the California summer, but nobody wants to live in the dark. That’s why the efficient use of glass transforms this place into something that is light, airy and connects really well to the outside world.

Sitting in the foothills of the Boney Mountains in the Serrano Valley, Dick Clark’s Flintstones home is testament to the connection of inside and outside space. The property itself consists of a single bedroom, which is where Dick Clark lived when he was in and around LA for work – and during his retirement. In addition, there are two bathrooms, a sitting room and a fully fitted kitchen. Recreating a Flintstones home obviously didn’t take into account the fact that Fred and Wilma had a child in Pebbles.

Planning troubles

Back when Dick Clark fist wanted to build a home in the Santa Monica area, he came across some opposition from the local planning authority. Santa Monica Valley Conservancy didn’t want any building at all to be built on the site. That’s when architect Phillip Jon Brown stepped in with an unusual and interesting solution. He thought that if a property was built that looked like a rock, it wouldn’t jar with the beauty of the natural landscape. The seeds of the idea for the Flintstones house were planted. Stucco designs, prehistoric plants and plenty of rocks were the deign inspirations that proved successful with the planners.

Dick Clark got to build a home in this remarkable location, and this was sold in the wake of his death in 2012. It struggled to find a buyer, after being on the market for over 2 years. The property gained a huge amount of publicity, but the price dropped and dropped as a buyer couldn’t be found. From a starting price of $3.5 million, the final selling price was around half of that.

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