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Diva Vodka

The older, the better! We have been saying such things about a hard drink since time immemorial. Vodka has always been the most favourite drink of all times because of its quality and method of production. It has, not even once, failed to fascinate drink lovers and perhaps that is why it stands tall amongst all other bottles of drink. If you like magical things and purity of it, then this might be just perfect for you. Diva Vodka can prove to be your best gift for your loved ones’ special occasion. The moment you start pouring down this heavenly liquid into your glass, there will be no other thing that will seem better than this.

Diva Vodka is one of the finest and most expensive Vodka’s in the entire world. The reason is that, it is refined thrice to give you a sense of class and luxury with every sip. It is so perfect that you can literally feel the perfection in its taste. Undoubtedly, it costs around $1,000,000, but every single penny is worth the expenditure. This is not like the other traditional vodkas which are refined over and over again to bring out a perfect taste. First of all, this vodka is ice filtered to get the perfect flavour out of it. Then, it is intricately filtered through birch charcoal to get the intensity of the flavour into the drink because the charcoal is Nordic in nature. Last but not the least, Diva Vodka is filtered with great quality sand to remove the small traces of impurity that might have prevailed. So this is how it is refined in a unique manner, and now you know that your money is going in the right direction.

As far as first look of Diva Vodka is concerned, it has a slight stick consisting of crystal studded in it which runs through the facility of every bottle. The meticulous procedure involved in manufacturing this godsend drink is an achievement in itself. However, if you are purchasing a bottle without the precious stones studded in it, then you probably do not have to pay $1 million. It is only available for $3700. You see the cost difference?

Apart from the usual three tier filtration, there are vodkas which are filtered for seven times. You can imagine the taste and quality by just recollecting the effort it would take to get to that place. It has a glamorous bottle with a glittering bracelet around its waist. This bracelet can be taken out and worn during your special moment anytime. The extremely smooth and elegant method of producing this expensive vodka of the world is especially made for all the divas within us. It comes in four amazing flavors named Long kiss, Raspberry Flirtini, Platinum Passion, and Lemon Drop. By this small account on Diva Vodka, you can easily guess the amount of magic it has stored in its every drop. Despite Diva Vodka being so expensive, it still remains the most wanted and classy Vodkas of the world.


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