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Christian Louboutin Sexy Strass

Christian Louboutin Sexy Strass

Christian Louboutin Sexy Strass 

Christian Louboutin, a firm believer that shoes lift your confidence, is famous for bringing stilettos back into fashion in the 1990s. Since then, stilettos and Christian Louboutin has been every woman’s fantasy. A footwear designer by profession, has brought to this new era of fashion shiny, red-lacquered bottom shoes. Below we will explore the Sexy Strass model, a unique creation which celebrates ‘Sexy’.

“The higher the better. It’s more about an attitude. High heels empower women in a way.”

One of the most expensive collections of Christian Louboutin’s unique designs is know as the Sexy Strass, famously known for its elegance. Soon enough, it turned into every woman’s fantasy. You can buy them at a cost of around $3,095. This shoe has a heel of 4’5”. Covered in beautiful black diamonds, those crystals are the purest of its kind. The peep toes are like a cherry on the cake. These are based on the signature red leather soles on high heels, commonly referred to as “sammy red-bottoms”. Red is the colour of sensuality. He explains by saying, “I selected the colour because it is engaging, flirtatious, memorable and the colour of passion.”

The high heels are strong enough to pierce the ground. Sparkling with each step you take, they scream about the beauty of the product. Words cannot describe the aura of these shoes, these pair of shoes are enough to get others noticing you in whatever environment you will find yourself in. These are perfect for any occasion; from wedding to evening parties, these can also be worn with the formal attire. They are sure to enhance your looks and make your friends green with envy. They will add luxury to your feet. These are the perfect shoes from a perfect brand for a perfect woman.

Maria Fowler, an English model, was seen wearing these shoes. She looked absolutely stunning in the black dress. These pumps added  to her elegance glorifying her beautiful legs complimenting her gorgeous dress.

Since the heels are long enough, they may be a downside to actually owning a pair. There is a high possibility of it adding to your discomfort however, what matters is how you feel when you step in these dazzling pieces of creativity. The confidence and attitude that adds onto you matters. Ultimately, fashion is all about you and me and all of us.

Technical Specifications:

Brand: Christian Louboutin
Shoe Model: Sexy Strass
Style: Pumps
Details: Leather, Peep-Toe, High Heels, Strass, Red Soles
Colors: Glitter
Heel Height: 100 mm / 4 inch
Made In: Italy

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