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Author: Raban Aso-Rashid

Cohiba Behike Range – 52/54/56

Cohiba, established in 1966, but was not accessible to the public until 1982, is often considered the most prestigious brand when it comes to Cuban cigars. I’ve had the pleasure to witness many novices and experienced smokers enjoy cigars across the entire range of Cohiba from Panatelas to Siglo VI’s. However, it was not until 2010 when a new line of Cohiba was introduced, the Cohiba Linea Behike, whereby 3 different sizes (vitolas) were introduced, the Cohiba Behike 52, 54 and 56 (representative of its ring gauge sizes).Now, it is one of the most exclusive cigars sought after from...

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Cohiba 50th Anniversary Humidor

To commemorate Cohiba’s 50th anniversary after establishing itself in 1966, there were fifty Cohiba 50th Anniversary Humidor made with stunning characteristics created by Elie Bleu. Firstly, the humidor is covered with 24 carat gold coated authentic Cuban tobacco leaves from the most prestigious fields located in Vuelta Abajo, Pinar Del Rio, Cuba. Inside the humidor you will find cedar shelves that hold 50 cigars (Cohiba 50 Annnversarios) which is the largest cigar ever made by the Cuban cigar industry.The humidor holds humidity and temperature controls that can be monitored and controlled through an exclusive smartphone app. Along with the...

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