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Louis Moinet Kazakhstan Unique Piece

Photo Credit: Louis Moinet Louis Moinet Kazakhstan Tourbillon We sat down with Louis Moinet’s CEO Jean-Marie Schaller at their stand in BaselWorld this year and specifically asked to be shown one-of-a-kind pieces. Without much hesitation he called his assistant and asked for her to bring a few pieces. One of the pieces that was brought forward was the Yellow Gold Kazakstan 1 of 1 Tourbillon. This piece was amazing to see up close and personal screaming elegance. The dial of this unique piece was the most eye-catching. As well as the case of the watchcase in yellow gold, the dial has...

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Bugatti Chiron

Bugatti Chiron The Geneva motorshow presented the highly anticipated 2017 Bugatti Chiron. Packing a massive 8-liter W-16 engine with 4 turbochargers , the Chiron pushes out an unbelievable 1,500-horsepower and 1,180 lb.-ft. of torque, the most ever for a mass production car. The team at Bugatti have created a masterpiece. The production of this vehicle will see it being light weight (literally) and carbon fibered-out. This in effect, introduces a positive overall performance to the fastest street legal car alive. That pushes this blue behemoth along to 60-mph in less than 2.5-seconds, and onwards to a theoretical top speed of over 260-mph, and that’s...

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Swarovski Mercedes "BA11BYY" Benz CLS

Photo Credit: Daria 1 of 1 Swarovski Mercedes CLS 350 We have a long list of unique vehicles from our collectors from around the world but this particular car has a startling effect. This uniquely designed Swarovski Mercedes CLS 350 owned by a female Russian collector (who is also a fashion designer – DR Jackets), is dubbed “BA11BYY” as seen on the personalised registration license plate, which adds to the unique feel of the vehicles look. This amazing piece of automotive art has over 1 million crystals embedded into its body taking a specialist team from Russia 2 months...

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Lamborghini "Silver Surfer" Aventador

LAMBORGHINI “SILVER SURFER” AVENTADOR Lamborghini’s come in all different variations but this one-of-a-kind version of this Avendator stood out most. This Aventador, belonging to a Russian collector based in Switzerland had his Roadster personalised to his personal preference. This particular Lamborghini Aventador was based on the Blue Azzuro Thetis with 770 bhp with obvious upgrades. The original body kit was changed to a Mansory 720 edition with mirror finish appearance that we have dubbed the “Silver Surfer” which of course compliments its high speed with a Capris added to the exhaust system. Despite the exterior being mirror like, the...

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Rolex 6542 GMT

Rolex 6542  GMT Rolex 6542  GMT circa’59 with no crown guard and is often referred to as Fidel Castro’s watch as he is known to have worn this reference. The hands matching the markers, gorgeous gilt dial and perfect Bakelite bezel, truly un touched case ,with supporting papers warranty, and bulletin chronometer tested which was done on 1959. It is a highly charismatic watch and a must-have for any serious Rolex watch collector. From what we have been told, this particular model is suppose to be in the best condition...

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