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Flintstones Inspired Home in Malibu

Unique properties really get the imagination going. When that unique property is also inspired by one of the most popular and well-loved TV shows of all time – Flintstones, then it becomes a place that average people and the media can’t get enough of. And when a property like this comes onto the market, having been previously owned by a celebrity, you know it is going to make news. Dick Clark, the actor and TV personality had an unusual taste in homes. With the money he earned from his work, he commissioned a property that was perfectly placed in...

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Fallingwater in Mill Run – Pennsylvania

The property and ideas behind Fallingwater come from a friendship and mutual love between the Kaufmanns and the renowned architect Frank Lloyd Wright. The Kaufmanns owned land in an undeveloped part of Pennsylvania, near the Appalachian Mountains. This area even today is filled with a great deal of nothing. The wilderness of the area has a massive standing on what could actually be built there. Uneven terrain, running water and forests were at the centre of the love the Kaufmanns had for the area they owned, known as Bear Run. Spending time there would confirm your beliefs behind why...

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Dar Al Hajar – Yemen, Sana

  Some buildings take on a character of their own, often by being so very different to the landscape around them. Modern architecture and planning usually has the sensitivity of the local area at its heart. Making sure a new building is in keeping with the surroundings tends to be high on the list of priorities. But the most striking buildings can be those that stand head and shoulders above the surroundings. These are the buildings that can be seen from some distance – and look fantastic to boot. Dar al Hajar is one such example of a building...

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The Zerouno is an Italdesign concept developed with special emphasis on lightweighting. The Torino based automotive design service company plans to build only five units of the Zerouno by the end of 2017, thus retaining the vehicle’s exclusive look and feel. Right from the start of this project, the objective of the company was clear enough – to limit the final weight of the car as far as possible. This ensured exceptional performances by equally emphasising the carbon fibre and aluminium chassis and the powerful V10 5.2 naturally aspired engine. Therefore, the car’s entire bodywork is made from carbon...

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