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The Zerouno is an Italdesign concept developed with special emphasis on lightweighting. The Torino based automotive design service company plans to build only five units of the Zerouno by the end of 2017, thus retaining the vehicle’s exclusive look and feel. Right from the start of this project, the objective of the company was clear enough – to limit the final weight of the car as far as possible. This ensured exceptional performances by equally emphasising the carbon fibre and aluminium chassis and the powerful V10 5.2 naturally aspired engine. Therefore, the car’s entire bodywork is made from carbon...

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Characteristics of a Great Sculpture

What is a Sculpture? The sculpture is a specially designed artistic form that is made up of plastic or some hard materials that end up making a three-dimensional object. Such designs are merged to freestanding objects, specific surfaces and artists may use several materials to create them. Some of the most commonly used things are rubber, plaster, wood, glass, fabric, metal, stone, wax, and clay. These materials may be assembled, sewn, welded, wrought, cast, moulded, modelled, carved or even the shapes can be combined. Sculptures do not follow any specific shape rather they grow without dimensions and may involve...

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HR Owen Ecurie – Rennsport Porsche

Britain’s leading luxury motor dealer, HR Owen, has been named as a distributor for Rennsport. Ecurie, which is HR Owen’s first multi-franchised dealership based in Cheltenham will cater to dealing in the restored Porsches. Rennsport is the go to place for Porsche fanatics, especially those who fancy classic or vintage cars. It restores special and bespoke editions of Porsche 911s and customises them to suit the tastes of individuals. Rennsport, which is not affiliated with the Porsche company but works independently, has never appointed an official distributor in the UK before. However, HR Owen is known for its expertise...

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Diamond Cocktail

The Sheraton Park Lane Hotel in London is known for many things. One among them is its collection of exclusive cocktails, vintage & classic. The most luxurious drink of this vast array is the Diamond Cocktail, which is priced at $4,350! Quite aptronymously the drink has a real diamond in it, which may justify the cost! Yes you read that right; you are a served with a real diamond inside the cocktail. The diamond cocktail is prepared from a blend of individual cognacs that range around $1000 per bottle. Also added to the drink is the Charles Heidsieck Vintage...

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