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Antilla – The Most Exclusive Property In The World

If you think about exclusive property, then your mind may be drawn to the hotspots of the world – Dubai, London or New York. But the most exclusive property in the world isn’t in any of these locations. In fact, it isn’t near to any of these locations. Welcome to Antilla, Mumbai. A property built in a city known for its contrast of the rich and the poor. As the first billion-dollar property ever built, Antilla definitely falls on the rich side of the equation.

This is a 27-story high building that is a monument to all things great about architecture. Each floor looks completely different from the last. When you are spending a billion dollars, why would you want it all to look the same. Take note all you property developers that cover every wall in magnolia. There are definitely other ways to make your developments look the real deal.

This home was designed by acclaimed architects Perkins + Will who have been operating since the 1930’s. They are experts in sustainable design and are very proud to be associated with Antilla. As a way to connect with potential customers, this project has seen their name up in lights across the world.

Designed For An Industry Leader

Seen as the second most expensive property in the world after Buckingham Palace, home of the Queen of England, this is a property that was built for someone who commands a lot of respect – and earns a lot of money! Mukesh Ambani is the Chairman of Reliance Industries who specialise in a number of heavy industry, telecoms and retail industries.

The property itself is home to Amani and needs a crew of 600 staff to maintain and be ready for the owner’s demands.

A Different Design

Putting together a high-rise building is done all over the world. But Antilla is very distinct. Rather than cram as many floors as possible into the space, the designers have made each floor feel like the height of luxury with vastly high ceilings. This means that every floor looks and feels like the billion dollars it is reportedly worth. A similar building in New York, for instance might have 60 floors or more put into the same height.

And it isn’t just here where the extravagance is evident. The first 6 floors of the building are for car parking. For a private home, this is one hell of a lot of cars!

The fact that each floor is custom designed, and the floors are not of a standard height meant a lot to the construction and design costs. For a building that was reportedly going to cost between $50 million and $70 million to build, ended up costing a cool $2 billion by the time all costs were accounted for.

This is far more than the costs of a hotel of high rise building and all pf this for a family home. The cists are staggering, but so is the luxury of the building.

A Home Beyond All Homes

The nine elevators alone show you the sheer scale of this building. There are design features across the whole of the residence that indicate why this is the most exclusive property in the world right now. The ballroom (who lives without one nowadays) has a ceiling that is 80% covered in crystal chandeliers. There is a ‘cold room’ that takes you away from all the heat of Mumbai and delivers man-made snow to keep you cool – in every way.

The top floors of Antilla offer views across the Arabian Sea. Mumbai contains the Gateway Of India monument and it feels like you can look back on millennia of history from the top of this magnificent building.

This part of the building is designated for entertaining guests. We guess that Ambani and his family are looking to entertain some of the captains of industry from across the world.

The latest building techniques have been married with some old-fashioned tips. There are a number of trees situated strategically around Antilla to deflect the heat of the sun in the summer, and to retain the warmth in the winter. It is so good to see the blend of new and old in a building design.

The most exclusive property in the world is undoubtedly Antilla and this is monument to excess in every way.

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